Here are some photos of bikes in and around
the Second Chance Bikes shop

Photo missing
Ready to deliver - they really don't look this good when we get them! That is a lot of detail-cleaning, tire-bright, chrome polish, elbow grease!
More deliveries
More deliveries
These two new bikes donated by big box store due to assembly
problems are identical to two used ones at left we fixed earlier. Easy fixes=Christmas presents for 2 underprivileged kids
Sometimes the shop gets crowded!
This was a donation from a big box store - shifter was damaged. Fixed that and added a Wald(tm)"Delivery basket"
Donated to Homeless Vets agency
This was donated by a big box store - someone messed up assembling it and returned it. It became a birthday present for a food pantry client's son
This was a major overhaul plus add basket. It went to a refugee youth to ride to work and shop
This one-speed just needed tires,a new chain,
and the basket stabilized
photo missing
These went to three refugee teens newly-arrived from
Myanmar. All needed tires, two derailleurs,
two shifters one kickstand.
Damaged in shipping to big box store; donated to 2CB
to fix and donate to refugee to ride to work

I love this basket. Won't hold much, But for a quick
errand to drugstore - perfect.
photo tbd
This just needed cleaning, one new cable,
and adjusting brakes and shifters.

This went to a homeless person before I started
adding baskets and racks

Youth bike, needed cables

New tires, added basket.

Took a break from adult bikes to get this ready for Christmas Needed cables and chain, replaced seat

These were a special case - just did maintenance
work for youth transitional housing facility; some
tires patched, some replaced, & various adjustments

This was from the same youth facility but required a makeover:
tires, handlebar, brake handles, kickstand, rear brake
mechanism, pedals, and seat.
These two bikes were donated together. The couple had ridden them for years but upgraded long ago and they had sat in the garage for 15 years or so. Both were in decent shape. The men's (upper left) had a derailleur problem and parts of a luggage rack dangling from it, plus mudguard off. Both needed new tires and a good cleaning.

I did the repairs and then added the basket seen on the men's in upper right and a removable side basket to the women's. The side basket was a resale shop find I received for Christmas; I made brackets to hang it using some old spokes.