Welcome to SecondChanceBikes.org
A volunteer organization in Chicago's western suburbs
helping get donated bicycles serviceable for people in need.

We work with several social service agencies to refurbish bikes they receive as donations, and also to refurbish and pass along bikes donated to us. Our primary focus is on people who need them to get to jobs; we also supply to people in need for local transportation for shopping or recreation. We work with agencies servicing refugees, homeless, homeless veterans, at-risk youth, and working poor.

Contact us at Bikeman@secondchancebikes.org
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Client Agencies & Partners

Due to COVID most of the homelessness prevention NGO clients are living in motels or apartments, reducing their need to get from shelter to shelter each day. Many are commuting to work; we supply lights, locks, helmets, safety vests;
PLEASE consider donating some of those items via our Wish List.

Picking up donations

This was a great find - brand new, donated by a big box store when returned needing minor adjustment. Minor tweak and a refugee riding it to work next day!

Ready for delivery


Last step after detailing is afixing our label to encourage recipients to contact us if they encounter problems

This was a special project - restored a 40+ year old rustbucket as a birthday gift  for a  special lady who rode it back then and lets me store bikes in her garage now

More photos

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