Funding - Cash donations, In-kind donations
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Cash donations go to purchasing parts and accessories.
If you care to assist it will be much appreciated. All donated funds go to purchase repair or accessory items not available via the in-kind donation Amazon wish list or urgently needed.

 Our email is Zelle-enabled so you can use your bank's secure Zelle billpay tool by just adding it as a recipient.
 We also have a Cashapp account. Our handle is $2CBBikeman

If you use DCU or similar credit union app to send $ we can receive it.
Note: We had to drop Paypal since only verified businesses or charities can accept payments with it. We are not a 501(c)(3)and are too small to be worth the process to apply and be approved.

If you prefer to make in-kind donations, we have an 
Amazon Wish List that shows items currently needed. When I have a few in inventory I move them off the list. If you use it, select "sort by priority" to find  items we need most.

Note: Amazon no longer sells direct-ship 3d party items via wish list.
Here are three items I need:
Trigger shifter/brake sets   Rechargeable light sets  Adult helmets
If you send cash and specify one of them I will send a receipt when I purchase it.
Or contact me via DM on Mastodon for shipping address and purchase directly without list

We scavenge parts from bikes that are not reasonably repairable, especially if their style is ill-suited for our target market. We have collected parts like wheels, seats, brake parts, shifters, reflectors, etc. to use as replacements when needed. We sometimes  receive used tires and some miscellaneous parts donated by bike shops

We still need to purchase cables, derailleurs, uncommon tires and inner tubes, cleaning and lube supplies, and whatever is needed quickly but not on hand.

We try to add baskets and/or luggage racks and supply lights and locks for bikes we know are to be used to ride to work and/or shopping.

Note: We are not a 501(c)(3) charity.
Here are a few illustrations of equipment we purchase when we can:
grocery basket

Amazon Wish List
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