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May 19, 2021

Second Chance Bikes has been busy lately.
We got 2 phone calls last week - one from the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Vets, the other from a World Relief volunteer. MWSHV said they have 3 bikes that had been given to vets who were using to get to work, but all now Bad Order (term we used on the railroad 50 years ago for defective/out of service). They wanted to know if I could take a look at them, perhaps fix them. I agreed to readily as they are my top-priority market. Played phone tag for a couple of days coordinating a time, picked up 2 of the 3 on Saturday that look like quick turnaround; third has a bad pedal crank and will take more time.

In the meantime, though, I got a call from a World Relief Friendship Partner volunteer. A Burmese immigrant family had just bought a house and moved; now they are too close to school for bus (kids are expected to walk or be driven) but it's too far for their pre-schooler. The volunteer had stopped at a bike shop which sent her to me; she wanted to know if I had any used bike trailers available. Dad has been putting the kid on a bike seat and walking the bike to school. Also wanted bikes for Mom, Dad, and 6-yr old.

So I suddenly went from "I'm gonna focus on yard work" to "I've gotta fix 6 bikes and find a trailer! "

I put a post on NextDoor explaining the need for a trailer; I had one ten minutes later! She said she'd drop it off. The rest of the story is just the usual - check and inflate tires, replace up to 4 cables, de-rust joints, chain, sprockets, replace brake shoes if needed, clean and lubricate. Then test ride, do any additional tuneup of shifting and braking, add my label. Five bikes are done, took a test ride pulling the trailer. The 6th bike I will pick up at MWSHV tomorrow when I deliver the two. Here is the Burmese family's collection. It will be delivered Thurs at 10:00 AM.

3 bikes and a trailer

Update: Dropped off the two at MWSHV yesterday and brought home the one with stripped threads in pedal crank. I discovered one of my labels on the frame! It is gratifying to see that at least until someone tried to put a left pedal on a right crank it has been serving someone. I don't track them any more; started doing that the first year, but it is really pointless and takes time I could be doing something productive. I assume it is one I donated to MWSHV a couple of years ago. I Replaced the crank with one scavenged from a junker; also replaced 3 cables. I'll drop it off after delivering the 3 bikes and trailer to the Burmese family at 10 this morning.

Delivery to the Burmese family was everything I hoped it would be. Two parents, 4 kids, two puppies. He put the youngest in the trailer and took a ride down the street. 

Man posed on bike with trailer attached

They had just bought bikes for their oldest two, eight and six, so didn't need the one I'd prepped for six.

After finishing with them I dropped the 3d bike at MWSHV and then took the little white one planned for 6 yeaar old  to Repeat Boutique, the "free shopping" facility for refugees and others referred by churches or other agencies. When I dropped it there I found a 24" dual-suspension bike just donated this morning. As is too often the case, it was donated because it was unrideable. No brakes. So I took it home and replaced cables, adjusted, tuned front derailleur which was throwing the chain off in high gear and returned it this afternoon. There was nobody in the warehouse area so I went around to the front and spoke to the two volunteers staffing it today. Told them I'd delivered two good bikes; they said bring them up here - they will go fast!. So I did. That's seven refurbished bikes plus a trailer delivered in two days!